2016 Ocala Christmas Parade

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

Tillman and Associates Engineering participated in the 2016 Ocala Christmas Parade.

This year, T&A took our “pipe dream” of entering into the Christmas parade and made it into a second place reality. Knowing from the start that we had a large feat ahead of us, we jumped right in. This years’ theme… A Star Spangled Christmas, definitely not a traditional one but we were more than up for the challenge.

You never really know what will come of a float until you start to actually put the pieces together. We submitted a smooth looking draft with our application (pictured below) and even with all of our brainstorming, we continuously added to it until the day of the parade. Around here we like to go big, which is actually why our giant balloon star had to be moved from the top of the goose neck to the middle of the trailer to avoid technical difficulties with the power lines. Sometimes the sky can’t be the limit to our disappointment. After a few self-taught lessons in float building, a few trips to numerous stores, and hours upon hours of teamwork, we completed our masterpiece. Our goal… to blow the competition away, with bubbles that is!

Smilings My FavoriteIt was such a wonderful experience for our office to see everyone’s smiling faces as we rode down Silver Springs Boulevard. We still haven’t been able to determine whether they were smiling at the extensive amount of bubbles we had blowing all over or just the bubbly personality of Buddy the Elf. Apologies are due however to Express Care of Ocala who had the unfortunate disadvantage of getting placed behind us in line up. After their two and a half hour ride, all they got to go home with was clothing ready to go in the washing machine.

We are very excited about next years’ parade. After seeing all of the floats this year, we know that we have some tough competition ahead, which only makes this experience all the more fun! Anticipation is high here as we wait to find out what the theme will be. Until next year folks, Buddy the Elf out!