Ocala Sun RV Resort – Snowbirds Helping the Economy Grow

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

Ocala Sun RV Resort, a campground in Marion County, is planning an expansion set for construction this April.

Featured in today’s Star Banner, Ocala Sun RV Resort is one of the County’s¬†retirement communities expanding their lots to accommodate more snowbirds.

The sector of Marion County’s economy serving retirees who come from points north on a seasonal basis appears to be alive and well, a decade after the first rumblings of the Great Recession…Winter residents from up North help the local economy with their spending.

Kandi Torres, Ocala Sun’s office manager,¬†estimated that snowbirds account for about 90 percent of Ocala Sun’s clientele. Canada, Michigan and Indiana are among the more popular recent points of origin.

Ocala Sun RV Resort is located off SW HWY 484, convenient to the Interstate for travel and the SR 200 for living essentials and entertainment. The resort will be adding 200 lots, doubling its capacity for retirees.

Tillman & Associates Engineering has spearheaded the expansion project from site design to permitting. Visit Ocala Sun RV Resort’s website here for more information.