Our Team

Tillman and Associates’ staff of land development and entitlement professionals has over 100 years of combined Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Surveying, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental Engineering experience.


David Tillman, P.E.

david-tillmanMr. Tillman has served in many different aspects of the civil engineering field. These include: roadway design, storm water design, bridge design, traffic operations, maintenance, survey, materials investigation, and construction engineering. Mr. Tillman serves as President of Tillman and Associates and oversees the design of all projects within our firm as detailed in following sections of this report. His past experience while working for Farner & Barley includes project management and design for numerous large scale residential, commercial, and roadway developments. He has managed the permitting for over 16,000 acres within The Villages Project, including Sumter County and water management district permits, as well as over 40 FEMA map revisions. Mr. Tillman was the engineer of record on US 441 widening at The Villages as well as the widening of CR 42, just north of The Villages. Mr. Tillman is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Tillman serves on the Marion County LDRC as Chairman, holds the treasury position for the Ocala Silver Springs Rotary Club, is a chapter coordinator for Mathcounts sponsored by the Florida Engineering Society, and is also an FDEP Certified Stormwater Management Inspector. He is also a member of the Marion County Building Industry Association and the CEP.


Jeff McPherson, P.E.

Jeff-McPhersonMr. McPherson’s career includes 8 years of engineering experience in the central Florida area. His experience in land development includes project management for design and permitting of projects through local, state and federal agencies. His expertise includes engineering design, construction management of storm water systems, roadways, water, sewer and reuse systems supporting projects ranging in size from small in-fill developments to several hundred acre residential developments. Mr. McPherson has also permitted (within our firm and as a subcontractor to other firms) various industrial projects including concrete plants, block plants, and sand and limerock mines. Mr. McPherson is a graduate of Michigan State University. Mr. McPherson has recently become a LEED Accredited Professional.


Tom Stokes

Tom-StokesAs Tillman & Associates’ Lead Design Technician, Mr. Stokes has more than 19 years experience working in all aspects of civil engineering, land development, and construction. His past projects include a diverse selection of design, permitting, and construction phase successes. Specific projects range from transportation and storm drainage systems and industrial improvements to large-scale lake view developments and airport runway construction projects.


George Horton, P.E.

George-HortonMr. Horton has worked as a civil engineer for 11 years. His experience includes project management and design of residential, commercial, roadway, utility, industrial, and mining projects. He specializes in plan development, layout, grading, stormwater design and modeling, road widening, turn lane expansion, driveway access, water distribution systems, and wastewater collection systems. He is experienced in permitting projects with SJRWMD, SWFWMD, FDOT (driveway, drainage & utility), FDEP (ERP, drinking water & domestic sewer), and many of the local County and City governments within the North Central Florida area. Mr. Horton is a graduate of the University of Florida and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Civil Engineering Honor Society. He is also certified as a FDEP Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector.


Tim Brooker, P.E.

Tim-BrookerMr. Brooker has over 10 years of experience in the civil engineering field.  His experience includes 4 years of civil engineering drafting and design in the public sector, 5 years of civil consulting engineering and 1½ years of construction project management and estimating all in the central Florida area.  His experience in land development includes project management for design and permitting of projects through local, state and federal agencies.  His expertise includes engineering design and construction management of storm water systems, water, sewer, and reuse systems with a large emphasis on roadway design.  His projects have ranged in size from small in-fill developments to multi-mile roadway projects and several hundred acre residential developments.  Mr. Brooker also has experience with construction plan and specification review, value engineering, cost estimating, bid preparation, pay request review and approval, and project closeout.  Mr. Brooker is a graduate of the University of Florida.


Keith Dumphy

Keith-DumphyMr. Dumphy has over 25 years of experience in the design and plans preparation of commercial, residential, industrial/warehouse and roadway projects with all but 4 of those years in the State of Florida.  Keith has also designed and permitted roadways within several FDOT Districts as well as County/City municipalities.  Some of those projects included large multi-phase residential (900+ units), big box commercial (450,000+ sq ft) and large distribution/warehouse (240,000+ sq ft).  Keith has a Bachelor of Engineering Technology from UNC-Charlotte as well as an AAS degree in Surveying Technology.  Keith has taken projects from preliminary site plan and concepts thru the permitting and construction phase including horizontal and vertical alignments, grading, storm sewer design, utility layouts, earthwork calc’s, quantities/cost estimates and as-built certifications.


Herb Bogert

Herb-BogertMr. Bogert has 18 years of experience as a CAD Design Technician, and hand drafted in the engineering field for 10 years prior. Herb has designed and prepared civil engineering plans for various projects for almost 30 years. Mr. Bogert also has a long background in land surveying.